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 Washington Lawsuit Scrutinizes Use of Prosecutor's Seal on Collection Letters 

Media Coverage About “Check Diversion.”

Check diversion companies claim that they are merely providing ministerial services for district attorneys.  To some observers, they are simply collection agencies that pay the district attorney for permission to make threats and collect checks in the district attorney’s name.  These companies have been heavily criticized in a number of newspaper and internet articles, even in the New York Times and on CNN.  The following are links to a sampling of the stories about the NCG/ACCS "District Attorney Bad Check Restitution Program," the Bounceback "Check Enforcement Program", and other "check diversion" programs used by companies like Certegy, Telecheck, TRS Recovery Services, Target, Safeway, CVS and others to collect checks.



Boston Globe: Facing Questions, DAs Suspend Outsourcing of Bad Check Cases

Village Voice Media:  Checkmate-Check Collectors and Prosecutors Terrorize Consumers



12/20/2012:  The Oregonian:  Bill collectors use Oregon Prosecutors' Letterheads to Scare Check Writers to Pay-up

12/05/2012:  Crosscut Investigation:  Prosecutors, debt collectors buddy-up to punish bad checks 

November 2012: California Bar Journal: DA's Letters to Debt Collectors Raise Ethical Questions

10/12/2012: Napy Valley Register:  Debt-collection Companies May Pay Restitution

10/1/2012: National Law Journal: Prosecutors for Sale

9/18/2012:  Prosecutors Undercut Their Legitimacy and Thus the Rule of Law 

9/17/2012: Above the Law: Blurring the Line Between DAs and Debt Collectors

9/17/2012:  ABA Journal:  Debt Collectors Use DA Letterhead to Threaten Bad Checkwriters

9/15/2012: New York Times: In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner


3/17/2009: Pro Publica:  Push to Redo Law That Lets DAs Profit From Bad Checks

3/15/2009: N.Y. Times Union: Collection Agency “Renting” DA Clout
3/4/2009: Trees & Things: Bouncing Checks Pay Big Dividends


3/2/2009:CNN: Bounced-check collection deals draw fire



12/9/2008:Santa Rosa Press Democrat-Refund of Local Bad Check Fees Possible

3/2/2008: Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Bad Check Bullying

2/9/2008: Los Angeles Times: Government Contractor Not Entitled to Immunity

May American Corrective Counseling Services

5/20/01: Des Moines Time Register: Bad Check Cases Bring Warnings, Little Action

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